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Why The Typewriter?

More than a century ago, the typewriter became common place in many offices and homes and the term typewriter was applied to a person who operated a typing machine.

At The Type Writer, we love ourselves a bit of vintage cool! We wouldn’t give up our iPhones and MacBooks for anything but the typewriter holds a special place in our hearts.

From the deliberate and careful click clacking to the pleasing ting and zip at the end of the line, was beauty and romance in the process of creating the written word. These sounds make our hearts beat just a little faster and our eyes shine a little brighter.

Yes – we are that passionate about the written word!

We dream about a world full of clever, creative, well-crafted and click-worthy content. And that is how The Type Writer was created.

About Debbie

From her tattoos and ripped jeans to her passion for life and self-expression, Debbie exudes rock star. She is a fierce member of the Sisterhood and believes in partnering with women freelancers who share her obsession with the written-word and she prides herself in bringing old-school editing skills to the modern world of communication.

Underneath that rock star exterior is a Word Nerd with a Bachelor of Information Science degree with majors in publishing, English, editing and communications from the University of Pretoria.

In the early 2000s Debbie did a stint in the UK. When she wasn’t partying, she was honing her craft in various London publishing houses as a writer, editor and account manager.

She found her passion for sub-editing early on in her career and has steadfastly built up a client base for The Type Writer over the last seven years.

When not waving her grammar police baton or putting the apostrophe back in its place, she can be found weaving her Super-Mom magic and turning her two precious little girls into accomplished, confident women.