This is the first blog on my new website. What a journey it’s been to get here. I’ve gone from being a sub-editor, to stay-at-home mom, to freelance editor, to teacher and now, officially: The Type Writer!

I think words have always been in my bones. I have an intense love affair with poetry and literature. I obsess over medical journals (weird, I know); and I read the news and websites about current affairs as if I need to do it to breathe. I am also a conspiracy theorist of note – but I abhor the Flat Earth Theory although it makes me laugh and laugh.

As you get older, grow up and become a mother, one tends to remember profound things said to you by people who made an impression on you at some point in your life, for whatever reason. I have two such profound memories that have [sub]consciously crafted my career decisions around.

The first was decades ago when, as a young Lebanese woman, was discussing what I was going to study at university with my grandmother – the family matriarch, successful business woman, ball breaking entrepreneur. She said (probably from behind the desk in her office): “Debbie, it’s important that you choose a career that allows you to work from home one day because you have to get married and have children.” Sure, I thought. I’m like, 16, I’m not getting married and having children, I thought.

The second was when I was told by my editing lecturer at university that in this world there are two kinds of people: there are tree people; and there are leaf people. A copy editor is most definitely a leaf person: we see all the small, tiny bits that make up the rest of the tree – the details. I have always been a leaf person and thankfully I have been able to make a career out of a skill that comes naturally to me, but one that I’ve had to learn to refine and craft. Thankfully, I love it too. I could think of nothing worse than being stuck in a job I hated for the most part of my life.

As the mom of two girls, I desperately need flexibility. I therefore have set up The Type Writer shop in my home office, and while working from home is tough on an ambivert, I value my fluidity around when I work more than anything else. I am currently in the process of redecorating my office – watch this space – but the just-right-shade-of-green I need to create my dark and brooding, tortured writer space is eluding me.

Today marks the start of something good; something great. The past two years have been marred by tons of stress and heartache, but now it’s my time to shine. I am so excited to channel my creativity, my love of language and old school editing ethics into The Type Writer and I am determined to have fun doing it.